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Board of Directors

Meet Our Board of Directors

John Ojo



“The reason I joined NeighborWorks is simple; as a realtor, I see how the “American Dream” of homeownership can transform one’s identity. I truly believe that if people are shown a better way, than that would impact their actions and decisions, causing a ripple effect in the lives of their families and their neighborhoods.
The mission of NeighborWorks Sacramento, aligns with my personal mission; to serve, to educate, and to partner with dynamic organizations and institutions, to build healthy, diverse and sustainable communities for all. If you have identified an issue-need and do not take action, are you apart of the problem or solution? My goal in life, is to always rise to a level that requires me to be apart of the solution.”

Maya Emig, ESQ.

Vice President


"I moved to Sacramento to attend law school at McGeorge School of Law, and never left the area. I have a successful law practice, I am an author, I volunteer my time with the Sacramento and Placer County Courts and I wanted to contribute in another meaningful way. I fundamentally believe in the goals and values of NeighborWorks Sacramento - building healthy, sustainable and equitable neighborhoods is important for all. My mother came to the United States as a political refugee. She believed in education and working hard. In addition to my mother's values, I fundamentally believe in helping others succeed. I see those values reflected in each member of the NeighborWorks Sacramento team. I believe in the power of NeighborWorks leadership, their goals and their visions. I am proud to be a part of NeighborWorks Sacramento."

Donna Huckleby

Governance Chair


“NeighborWorks Sacramento is a terrific resource to reach the communities of color. I believe access is key. I am honored to help educate disenfranchised community members with NeighborWorks Sacramento programs so they are better prepared to reach homeownership & change the research trend.”

Meagan Svendsen



"I bring my passion for marketing, development and construction along with my 20 years of industry experience, to the mission and vision of NeighborWorks Sacramento. I am honored to be a part of the ever-changing landscape and solutions this dynamic organization is developing. I take great pride in building trust and long-standing relationships, just as NWS has done for 35 years."

Alisha Daniels-Duckworth



I moved to the Sacramento area in the 1990s because it was clear then that homeownership was out of reach in the burgeoning Silicon Valley where I was raised.

This move was critical in my personal timeline because it set me on the path to graduate from CSUS and become both a homeowner and a business owner. These steps put me and my children on the path to building and sharing generational wealth.

It’s my hope to steward NeighborWorks in creating and sustaining stories like mine for members of underserved communities throughout Sacramento.

Dr. Tera Reynolds

Board Member


"I am intrinsically passionate about the connectivity between education and homeownership. It is my mission to be a part of the solution in bridging the gap between those who feel incapable of being a homeowner based on being burdened with student loans and those such as NeighborWorks Sacramento who are at the forefront of ensuring housing sustainability for all."

Fred Quinn

Board Member


“Know a little bit about a lot and you will do fine in life!”, one of my mother’s favorite life lessons that has be engrained within me since I was a young child. NeighborWorks’s mission is who I am personally. My 25 years of relationship building both internally and externally while at PG&E are beneficial resources. My goal is simply to be a part of the solution, not the problem."

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