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Community Markets

Through our mission of “Safe Secure Sustain” we will foster a space of community engagement through partnerships with local farmers, artists, and businesses with a focus on wellness, healthy food, art, and culture.  We strive to educate, engage, and provide unconventional access to the families within the 11 counties we serve.



Multiple dates are available.

Please complete and email the registration form to community@nwsacramento.org.



We are seeking farmers, entrepreneurs, and local community resources.

Please complete and email the registration form to community@nwsacramento.org.

Home Ownership Counseling

Pre-Purchase Counseling

We provide one-on-one counseling sessions for community members who want to purchase a home. During a session, we first look at your readiness to get a mortgage. This involves reviewing your credit report, developing a budget, and discussing the affordability of a mortgage versus a rent payment. Once you feel ready for a mortgage your counselor will help guide you through the process of purchasing, which may include discussing financing and down payment options, explaining how to put together your home buying team, reviewing closing costs, and much more. After each session, we will send you an action plan with specific steps you can take to get closer to your dream of owning a home.

Signing Up

To get started with pre-purchase counseling, the first step is to take our Intro to Home Buying class. This class goes over the basics of purchasing your first home, and is an orientation to Pre-Purchase Counseling.

You can signup for Intro to Home Buying here:

After you have completed the class, our Intake Team will work with you to signup for your first one-on-one appointment.

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Home Ownership Counseling

Post-Purchase Counseling

We also have one-on-one counseling sessions available for current homeowners who are seeking support.

Our counselors can assist with several topics, including home maintenance, disaster preparedness, property tax, homeowners insurance, HOA and special assessments, refinancing, and selling a home.

(Please note, if you are having trouble making your mortgage payment, we have a separate service called foreclosure prevention counseling. Click here to learn more about Foreclosure Prevention.

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Down Payment Assistance

SHRA Welcome Home Post-Purchase Session

NeighborWorks Sacramento provides a one-hour post-purchase session for new homeowners who purchased through SHRA’s Welcome Home program.

During this session, your counselor will review your budget as a new homeowner, review your Closing Disclosure with you, and answer any questions.

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Oak Park Farmer’s Market

Facts & Figures

We have more than 40 vendors between small farmers, artisans, food trucks, and more. All of our vendors are located within 150 miles of Oak Park, and nearly 80% are within 50 miles. Every week, we provide activities for kids and families and live entertainment!


Small farmers and artisans


Local: All vendors with 150 miles


years serving Oak Park


Over $1 million in sales


lbs + produce sold to the Community


families served


Today, Oak Park is a food desert. It’s last grocery store, Food Source, closed in March of 2020. Now, The Oak Park Farmers Market is the only source of fresh, affordable foods for a neighborhood of over 16,000 people! This resource is critical for families who struggle with food security. If you want to contribute to keep the market running and provide matching EBT dollars for families, click here!

Your Counselor WILL Do

Help you develop a monthly budget to achieve your savings goals.

Run a free copy of your credit report and review it with you.

Share information about financing, refinancing, down payment assistance.

Share down payment assistance programs provided by the Lending Department at NeighborWorks.

Guide you when choosing Real Estate Agents, Lenders and other housing professionals.

Give you advice on how to find a home for sale in your price range.

Send you an Action Plan and follow up on your progress.

10% of the Work.


Since our founding in 1987, NeighborWorks Sacramento has been serving Oak Park. Over the last 34 years, food security has consistently been a major challenge for residents. In 2010, we decided to address it. Working with community leaders, and the City of Sacramento, we opened the first Farmers Market in Sacramento to accept EBT as a form of payment.

But we didn’t stop there, we raised funds to institute a matching dollar program, so that for every EBT dollar a family spent on fresh foods, we matched a dollar. This doubled the buying power of families, putting more food on the table!

Over the last 11 years, the Oak Park Farmers Market has sold over 475,000 pounds of produce in it’s 11 year history, and served 12,000 EBT families. It has won several awards and recognitions, and in 2017 was recognized by the California State Senate of excellence in service.

Your Counselor WON’T

Dictate where you should or shouldn’t spent.

Give you a copy of your credit report (there’s a law against it).

Determine whether you qualify for a loan or program.

Qualify you for a NeighborWorks Loan or make a special recommendation to the lending department on your behalf.

Refer you to specific professionals.

Provide listings on homes.

Hound you to make sure you are following the action plan.


Make the final decisions on how you will spend and save.

Order a copy of your credit report with the number we provide.

Use the information about programs to decide which might work best for you.

Review NeighborWorks products alongside the other referrals provided by your counselor. If you decide the NeighborWorks product is right for you, apply for the loan with NeighborWorks’ Lending Department to see if you qualify.

Research Housing Professionals and choose a team that best serves your needs.

Research homes in your price range.

Work on your action items, and keep communicating with your counselor. 90% of the Work.

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